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What are the best places to travel to Spain in 2021

As the world shall open gradually come 2021, a lot of people are seeking travel destinations in Spain, a formidable city with lots of places to visit. It has become a thing for people who travel around the world to first go online to review sites like suomiarvostelut to read reviews posted by previous users about several travel agencies, flight agencies, and hotels of the city they are traveling to. The essence of this is simply to get the best out of their travel.


Spain is one of the most diverse, vibrant, and interesting countries to visit. This is one of the reasons it is a top destination for many travelers in Europe and around the world. Major cities in Spain such as Madrid, Seville, and Barcelona have great weather, and unique housing patterns that display a level of cultural interest. They also have great restaurants and hangout spots. While a lot of people might not know this Spain has one of the most UNESCO world heritage sites with a total of 48 cities, such as the old city of Salamanca. An extra advantage of visiting Spain is that it has a diverse destination for several types of travelers, ranging from cities where you can visit the beaches, to places where you can get a feel of some ancient architectural masterpiece. If you love the weather cold, Spain also has a great place for you to visit. The most interesting fact of all is that Spain has some of the best cities in the world and if you are visiting from a country like Finland, then a travel agency like Matkapörssi might be amongst your options of choice.


Some of the best places to visit in Spain in 2021

Below is a list of some of the best places that you can visit in Spain 2021.



Bilbao is believed to be amongst the most fascinating places to visit in Spain in 2021. It is located in the Northern part of Spain, in the Basque country. This city offers you an interesting insight into the modern side of Spain, with a rich historic and medieval atmosphere combined with the amazing skyscraper buildings. The city also has some of Spain’s best art institutions with the Guggenheim museum. The city also offers you the chance to take a stroll along the famous Nervion river. More so, if you are looking to visit somewhere where they are less tourist, then you can also visit some of the other cities in the Basque country.


San Sebastián

Another interesting place you can visit in Spain, come 2021 in San Sebastian. This place is famous for its beaches, so if you are someone who loves beaches, then this is certainly a place for you. This beautiful city is found right in the Bay of Biscay and is also known for its state of the art hotels and gave him options.



The famous Catalonian city is also one of the best places to visit in Spain. Famous for its nightlife activities, incredible views, amazing city, and beaches, nothing can go wrong here.

Barcelona offers you the chance to write and stroll through the iconic Gothic Quarter, and the elaborate plazas that are filled with restaurants that offer a lot of varieties that you should consider tasting, like the Paella dish which is also known as the Spanish rice with seafood. More so, you stand the chance to visit the iconic Camp Nou.


Located in the Southern part of Barcelona on the Mediterranean Sea, Spain’s third-largest city; Valencia is one of the best places to visit come 2021. Iconic for its famous paella meal which you can enjoy after a day at the beach. You also stand the chance to witness one of the biggest events in Valencia, Las Fallas which takes place the week leading up to Easter weekend in March. This city also houses some of the best art and science places to visit, with the iconic cathedral one of the places you get to see too when you stroll through from the Turia Gardens.



Salamanca is also another great place to visit particularly for students who are traveling. It is popular for its closeness to Madrid and gorgeous outdoor views. If you are a fan of cheap beer and fun nightlife, this makes it an even better option for you. Regarded as one of the safest places in Spain, it boasts of places like Casa Lis, Salamanca’s Art Nouveau, and the Art We go Museum, and many more.


Other incredible places to visit in Spain in 2021 are the capital city, Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Cordoba, Seville, and Cadiz.

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