Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
Top Amusement Parks in Europe to Plan a Travel

There are several beautiful places to travel across the world for tourist explorations. Amongst these places, Europe remains one of the best to plan a travel. This is because there are numerous lovely sites like museums, beaches, lakes, and parks to visit. Therefore, you can read more on reliable norskeanmeldelser to make the right selection of parks to see.

Several travel agencies can help you with the right selection of the top amusement parks to visit in Europe. One of these companies is the Ticket Service. Therefore, you can read more about their services to know whether or not you would engage their services when you decide to explore Europe. To help you achieve this task, here are some of the top amusement parks for you to visit in Europe:

1.  Disneyland Paris, France

Disneyland is one of the top amusement parks that is frequently visited in Europe. The reason for this is not far-fetched as it is a popular location known for excellent movies. One of the most amazing things about Disneyland is that it has two parks. There are lovely places like the Disneyland castle and Disneyland’s unique Walt Disney Studios, where the magic happens. There are also rides like Big Thunder Mountain to keep you thrilled. Other lovely attractions at the park are the Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, Space Mountain, Runaway Mine Cart, amongst others.

2.  Phantasialand, Germany

Another fascinating park to visit in Europe is the Phantasialand in Bruhl, Germany. This amusement park is famous for its lovely rides and shows. Research shows that about 1.75 million people go to visit this park yearly. This amusement park has six divisions, which are options for you to enjoy. These divisions include Deep in Africa, Fantasy, Berlin, Mystery, Mexico, and China town. You can also enjoy some lovely games like the Temple of the Night Hawk, where you get to ride on a virtual hawk. Black Mamba roller coaster is also another charming attraction for you to enjoy at Phantasialand.

3.  Port Aventura, Spain

When you are talking about iconic amusement parks with lovely attraction sites for you to enjoy, Port Aventura will be one of the top listed. The reason for this is not far-fetched as this park is famous for its unique features. This park has a bit of everything you can imagine and wish to enjoy. It also has quite many different attraction sites and activities like water rides, mazes, and roller coasters. A fantastic perk to visiting this park is that there are tons of children friendly and safe rides for your children to enjoy.

4.  Gardaland, Italy

The Gardaland is located in the North-Eastern part of Italy. It is a lovely park that offers you lots of fun as you get to enjoy yourself in the deep sea at the Garda Sea Life Aquarium. There are also interactive rock pools in this park. The park also has different attractions for every age bracket. Some of these attractions include the Blue Tornado roller coaster, Shaman, Mammut, to mention a few.

5.  Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

Calling this amusement park an ancient one wouldn’t be wrong as it is the second oldest in Europe, with gates built as far back as 1843. This park is filled with many attractions ranging from the famous Golden tower, one of the tallest rides in the park, to the Aquila, where you enjoy beautiful sites.


These parks and many others like the Europa Park in Germany, Walibi in Belgium, Pleasure Beach in the UK, Grona Land in Sweden are quite popular in Europe and promise you fun and adventure.

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