Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
Tips to make a Countryside Trip in the US

Countryside trip is an institution that is American. With a nation as big as the United States, it has long been romantic and tempting for residents to pile in the car and spend a week or two exploring their homeland. Besides theme parks, roadside attractions, and scenic drives, national parks are a big draw.

The following are tips on how to plan your trip:

·  Have a rough itinerary

You do not have to plan out something strict or rigid. If you do not want to, but getting a rough itinerary of some kind will help. It would help if you had a clear idea, along with what stops you would like to make, of what you want to do/see along the way. Please do not ruin your trip or run out of it by stressing over money. That means working on the front end a little bit. Know the cost of your accommodation and entrance fees for attractions that you intend to see.

The cost of food may be a little more challenging to work out. In advance, determine which meals you are going to eat in restaurants, then set price limits. Or give yourself an unlimited budget for daily food.

·  Service your car

The whole point of a trip to the countryside is to travel. Nothing is worse than beginning a long-awaited (and well-planned) journey, only for your car to break down. It happens more often than you would assume, and you can spend all your days trapped in a small town, waiting for parts to come in so that you can repair your car. Ward against this possibility, and by getting your vehicle tested before you go out, ensure your safety.

·  Enable advance hotel reservations

Cross-country trips are tiring, and every night you will be anxious to go to bed; so, it is a good idea to have bookings in place long before you leave home. Shady tourist areas, hotels, motels, and even campgrounds fill up quickly, particularly during the prime vacation season, and some places sell out months in advance. Make reservations once you have targeted the locations you want to stop every night. You can do this with an online travel agency, and they can also help you with your trip well.

·  Research attractions along the way

Are you driving through the wine country of California? This giant Paul Bunyan statue surely deserves a detour. He is standing guard at the forest mobile home park in Sonoma County’s town of Guerneville.

Fill in your stops with your route set. Why not stop at least once to see a famous attraction or eat at a trendy restaurant offering local cuisine in every state you travel through? And do not forget more obscure attractions that may be as fascinating but less crowded and pricey. All useful tools for discovering items that pique your interest are the Internet, guidebooks, and mobile apps.

·  Judiciously Pack

Every day you will travel to a different location, so there is no shame in wearing the same outfit a couple of times during your journey.

Packing clothing in simple colors (black, gray, white, red) that you can mix and match will minimize your load. Consider dress made from Stormtech like lightweight, wicking fabric that can be easily washed and, if necessary, dried in your hotel room. If you will be on the road for a couple of weeks and need access to a washer and dryer, make reservations at a laundry hotel or find a laundromat when you get to town.

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